Invasion of the Not Quite Dead

Published: Tue, 07 Jul 2009 22:36:13 GMT

Lesault as a Zombie

Filmmaker Antony Lane is attempting to revolutionize the way films are funded here in the UK, by putting some life back into an almost dead film industry. In a quirky new concept Antony has launched an epic film fundraising website called “THE INDYWOOD MOVIE PROJECT“. His goal is to independently raise the £100,000 budget needed to make his debut feature film “INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD” which is already being tipped as one of 2010’s most anticipated horror movies. In only 60 days of fundraising he has already raised nearly £8,000

When the project originally launched In November 2007 Antony was able to make headline news with his Guinness World Record attempt at a zombie gathering in the city centre of Cardiff, this made national TV news, giving the project a huge level of media attention.

Some of Hollywood’s top film-makers have backed Antony’s enterprising film project including Kevin Pollak, James Gunn, Lloyd Kaufman, Tom Savini, David Hess, Leslie Simpson, Warwick Davis and the infamous Ken Russell who has agreed to take on the role of consulting executive producer.

“Invasion Of The NOT QUITE Dead” has already become a cult sensation across the internet even before entering pre-production, due to a year long marketing campaign which has reached out to the Zombie fans of the world, giving them nothing more than a poster and synopsis, but at the same time whetting their appetite for more. Within less than a year of promoting the movie Antony has managed to get the film advertised on two of Europe’s leading online DVD rental stores as well as being featured on several theatrical blockbuster lists for 2010.

Classed as NOT QUITE a Zombie movie, fans of the genre will not be disappointed with the direction Antony has decided to take with his new Zombie horror franchise.

On the fundraising front, Antony has teamed up with visual arts studio DESTINATION CREATION to give every customer to the project a complete photo Zombie makeover, making it the only place on the net to get yourself transformed into the undead without getting covered in makeup – all for only £20 including a pre-order DVD, or push the boat out and be a VIP Executive Producer for £150 and get a role in the film.

The Project also plans on raising money through business sponsorship, product placement and to sell 1000 limited edition pre-order DVD’s.

“Since my pre-order customers won’t get their movie for a while I want to offer them something in the here and now, which is why I am offering them a chance to appear in the movie and to also receive exclusive merchandise, not bad for the price of a DVD.” Antony Lane

Other filmmakers that have come on board to help Antony include Hollywood Special FX artist RICH KNIGHT (Beowulf), Make up artist CORRINE BOSSU (King Kong), and Emmy award winning composer Misha Segal who will be giving the film a very chilling score.

Antony has began to negotiate with some of the industries biggest names in horror, including: TOM SAVINI (From Dusk Till Dawn), DAVID HESS (Last House On The Left), EZRA BUZZINGTON (The Hills Have Eyes), LESLIE SIMPSON (Dog Soldiers), WARWICK DAVIS (Leprechaun), DAVID BAILIE (Pirates Of The Caribbean), ANTHONY HEAD (Buffy), and SEAN PERTWEE (Dog Soldiers).

Shooting has been scheduled for early 2010 at various locations around Kent, Cardiff, Grimsby and the Isle Of Scilly where the movie will be set. A teaser trailer is scheduled to be filmed in August 2009.

The film will have an official London premiere on Halloween 2010, before being shown at top film festivals worldwide, including Cannes.

One week before launching the project Antony and Ken Russell auditioned a celebrity for a role which was also filmed for a documentary that will air on BBC 2 in August.

“We hope that this unique and quirky idea will catch the heart and minds of people around the world and will help us to independently fund our film and put the Kent film industry on the map.”

David Lesault was the 10th person to pre-order a DVD and receive a zombie make-over. He was delighted with the results and is eager to see the finished movie. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to be involved in one of the most exciting films of recent years – if you , too, want to show your support, please visit and get treat yourself to a DVD and a makeover!

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