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Published: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 14:23:22 GMT

On the recommendation of @tinyblob on twitter, I subscribed to‘s healthy-food-in-a-box-by-post service. They offer a variety of fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, savoury snacks, natural treats and olives, all packaged in a brown card box (100% recyclable, made of wood from a sustainable forest) -” just real food, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives”. You choose what days you want boxes delivered each week and they post them out to arrive on the day you specify.

They have a nice system where you can browse the foods they offer and ‘bin’ any items you don’t like – fresh pineapple went straight in the bin for me! – and they won’t send you any of that item. You can also tell them you love particular items and they will send you more of that thing.

Each box is nutritionally balanced, and tailored to your likes and dislikes. My first (free)box should arrive on Tuesday and another on Thursday. I’m looking forward to eating healthily for a change!

I’m getting healthy food sent to me by This is supposed to make me healthier, but now I don’t even need to walk as far as the vending machine!

Get your first Graze box free by entering my ‘Feed your Friends’ code D2W5PT5 at

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