Fixing the power button on Toshiba Regza Television (DIY)

Published: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 19:10:42 GMT

When I tried to power on my TV this afternoon, pressing the power button did nothing, it felt like the switch inside was not being activated. I decided to void my warranty and take a look inside.

My TV is a Toshiba Regza model number 32XV555D, but I imagine the same switch is used on many Toshiba models and the following instructions may be of use to you too.

Opening your TV is dangerous and will void your warranty - there are high voltages inside and the following steps should only be carried out if you are sure you know what you are doing. I'm not a professional TV engineer and I take no responsibility for any damage you do to yourself or your TV if you are foolhardy enough to follow my description!

The first step to repairing the switch is to remove the back of the TV.
Unplug the TV from the wall, and remove any HDMI/SCART/Aerial cables. Put the TV screen side down on a soft non-scratch surface.

The back of the TV is held on by 17 screws - you will need a phillips head screwdriver to remove them.
The screws are not all the same size, so ensure you remember which screw goes in which hole. The screws to remove are all marked with an arrow, the 17th one took me a while to find - it is located above 2nd SCART connector.
Once the screws are removed, carefully lift off the back panel - it should come off easily. If not, make sure you have removed all the screws.

Switch as I found it

The power switch is at the right side of the TV , you will see that the button you push has a cylinder on the back which needs to somehow activate the switch which does not line up with it. The button should push a square plastic plate which should be attached to the switch. In my case, the plate had broken and fallen off the switch. This meant that the button did nothing. You can see in the photograph that the plate has fallen off and is lying underneath the button.

You have a couple of options at this point; you can either activate the switch manually, put the TV back together again and just use the wall switch to power your TV off an on, or you can repair the switch. From a search of the Internet, it seems that this is a common problem with Toshiba TVs - if your TV is still in warranty, it is probably best to get an official spare fitted, but I decided to make a stronger repair so it does not happen again.

The plastic piece with broken section

The plastic clip which holds the plate in place seems to be very fragile, and I could not find the small piece of plastic which had broken off. I mixed up some 5-minute epoxy and waited a couple of minutes for it to thicken up a bit. I put a small blob of epoxy onto the clip and put it in place on the switch. You will find this easier if you manually press the switch to put it in the 'on' position as this gives a little more space for maneuvering.
The plate should be able to stay in position by itself while the epoxy cures (why not go and write a how to fix your TV blog post while you're waiting!)
Once the epoxy has cured (mine says it is ready to handle in 15 minutes and achieves full strength in 1 hour) you can put the back on the TV by replacing all the screws. Power on your TV and, with a bit of luck, the power switch will work again.

You have probably missed the programme you were wanting to watch though! I hope this helps you if you have the same problem - the whole thing took me about 20 minutes to fix - much faster than waiting for the repair man!

Leave a comment if it worked for you. Thanks.

The plastic piece glued back in place


Paul: oh so simple when you know how. BIG BIG BIG THANKS
Emily: Same thing happened to our Toshiba 42inch Xv55 Series TV. After removing all the screws we were able to slot a tiny piece of plastic where the on switch is. I can finally watch all my tv shows on a big screen and play Mario Kart and PS3. Woohoo!!
Simon: Thank you, saved us £65.00 took the wife and I 10mins and all sorted. Kids now v v happy and also me as I can watch the football.
syd: 32" now fixed thanks to your article. The photographs were excellent, thank you. The complete assembly can be bought on line for £15:00. Guess what? They are sold out!
Webby: Thanks for the advice all fixed now; you are right it's rubbish design though!
Gerald: Cheers buddy, my plastic spacer bit broke too, what a crap design! All fixed now thanks to you ;-) Thank you
Dude: Seriously, folk have got knighted for less. Respect given!
stephanie: thankyou found this very helpfull, allready had the tv fixed and only lasted 6 weeks so its now sorted.
Steve Jax: Worked great. I used both a cable tie and glue to fix it. To aid access to the switch it is easier if the button mechanism is removed. If it does not press upwards from its mount simply undo the single screw that attaches the strip holding the pcb and switch unit and press the button unit out. Many thanks.
Nick: Genius. Thanks for this. Had exactly the same problem. TV out of warrenty - this saved me a fortune in repair bills. Ta!
nadia: I had the same problem with a previous toshiba last year and was given a replacement which has just buggered off too. I am a single mother and unsure if i can hack this fixing things. Seems pretty straight forward but am all jittery. wish me luck guys. xxx
Jen: Unfortunately this fix does not work for my toshiba. It seems to have a loose connection which stops it working even when opened up and set permanently to on. Only works if some downward pressure is applied to inside switch. Might try fixing a nylon strip around it otherwise will need new part and a repair man I guess.
Lia: Yay. Thanks so much, worked a treat :)
DB: Great info, worked perfectly. Many thanks.
Diane: Just wanted to thank you for the brilliant guide to repairing the switch on our Toshiba TV...we're also now back in business!! Thanks again
wilf: Having woken up on Christmas morning to find the same problem with my Toshiba Regza 42" LCD, I googled this & found it to be most helpful, I am about to attempt to repair it, so if I don't return, I have obviously forgotten to unplug it first...tell my wife & kids I died a hero!
andrew jenkinson: its fixed thanks
andrew jenkinson: thanks. my 42" regza button went last night. undid the screws slid my hand inside pressed it on then screws back on. a five minute fix. once again THANK YOU
Emily S: Thank you, after my boyfriend came home from work this evening to find the tele mysteriously not working I googled the tele model and found this. Brilliant!
Alistair Campbell: I woke this morning with my day fully planned commencing with watching Wales v France in the RWC semi final. Horror as the eighteen month old 24" Regza would not switch on. Panic followed by frustration and annoyance. I thought I was facing an expensive repair until I found this repair on the internet. I am now waiting for the Araldite to cure and we will be back in business again. Just a pity that the Welsh match hadn't gone quite as well. Thanks for this, Brilliant!
Ade Sleaford: Thanks for this info. Mine did exactly the same and your instructions worked a treat.
Adrian Sleaford: Just an additional thought. I also unscrewed the orange switch board and rested the end near the switch on top of the lugs so that the cylinder hit more to the middle of the plate. I then screwed the back screws in again and put small cable ties through the front unused screw holes to hold it firm. It works really well and there is a much firmer feel to the button now.
mapplebeck: thanks for the tip- just opened my 32" toshiba TV with an identical fault and flocked the swith to permanently on. Nice one.
Simon Covey: Whoo Hoo!!!! Googled this after we noticed tv had just died! 20 mins of surfing the net, and then half hour following these instructions meant that the tele is back in business!!! Hubby used a cable tie instead of glue-ing. Well done to him and thanks very much to you!!!!
Carey Lawrence: Thanks for this very informative post.. it surely helped me a lot of informational facts that I could refer to in fixing the case you have stated... hope to see more post.. Thanks a lot.
Carl: Thanks for this my 32" regza went a week ago was just using standby. If your only using standby and want to turn it on and leave it on, you can slide a knife in above the button to remove it then slide a 4mm Allen key in the hole angled slightly to the front no need to remove the back. Thanks to this walk thru I now have a working power button cheers. P.s what a stupid overly complicated design seems almost designed to fail.
taff: Thanks woke up today tv wouldnt power on, yep broken switch anyway its fixed now its always on but theres another button on the right of tv for standby so using that and mains to turn on off an standby.
r halliwell: Your instructions worked a treat. The only problem was that some of the screws were hard to remove as they had been screwed in very hard. If the screw heads got damaged then it may have been almost impossible to remove them. I decided to leave the switch permanently on and use the standby button instead and to switch power off completely use the switch on the wall socket. Had the screws been easy to remove then the job would have taken 20 minutes max. Many thanks
AlanD: Thank you for this very useful information. Came home after a late night to find our Toshiba would not switch on. Having never explored the inner workings of an LCD TV I was a bit reluctant to take the back cover off. Your info gave me the right amount of information and confidence to dive in and fix the problem. Unfortunately my plastic plate broke in several pieces. I decided to leave the switch permanently on and use the standby button instead. Thanks again.
Rich: Thanks loads mate, great guide. Exactly the same had happened to my 42" Regza. Apart from mine having a few more screws keeping the back on it is exactly the same as you described. On examination the spacer had broke into 3 seperate bits! so now i just power down at the wall socket. Thanks again!
Jo Bedford: Thankyou SOOOO much - we just tried this and hey presto it worked, and cost nothing. You are a Legend!!
graham inkersole: Have just fixed the switch. This is a replacement TV as the same thing happened a while ago. Shame on Toshiba, for not recalling the product. The next piece of electrical equipment will not be a Toshiba.
Kristie: Thank you so much! Woke up this morning and the tv wouldn't turn on - followed your instructions and the exact same bit had snapped!! Bit of glue and 17 screws later and bingo!! All working. Saved us probably a massive call out to fit such a tiny simple thing!!!!
Shelley: I was able to fix my mums tele, Thanks a lot.
Karen: great tip thanks now working again, don't quite get why Toshiba not sorted the problem themselves, oh well thanks again
Berloma: I used a similar method, but instead of using glue I used a nylon strip. I posted my video in youtube. Youtube link
Georgie: AMAZING! Completely panicked when TV wouldn't turn on - SO GLAD you wrote this, worked perfectly! Thank you!!!
Ian: Toshiba will fix this FOC, in or out of warranty - their customer service acknowledged this is a common fault. If the TV is in warranty then maybe this is the way to go. My mothers TV just failed today (out of warranty) and they are on the way to fix it FOC.
kath: thank you, you have just saved me £70 this is what it cost me last time it broke.
Andy: Glad I could be of help!
Graham Neale: Carl, you nailed it mate - thanks. Don't unscrew it, I didn't even take it off the wall ! Turn it off, slip a dinner knife between the on/off button and the casing, let it spring back outward, then flip it out. It might break it a little.don't worry, you won't need it. Once it's out, push the end of a small modelling type paintbrush in, about an inch, aimed slightly toward the front of the TV. Push the button in. Plug it back into the power socket, and use the on/off on the wall for when you go on holiday Sorted, no gaffer tape, no Araldite, no zip ties. SORTED!
Jill handy: Thank you so much for your instructions.........followed them and feeling very proud of myself for fixing my tv. Got one very pleased 7 year old too! Thanks gain.
Vernon: Firstly it's very good of you to take the time to post this article to assist other people. Unfortunately I have recently been ripped off by a local TV repair shop for £103 to correct the above discussed fault. At the time I did not know what was going on but now I do. I have purchased two of the plastic moulding that breaks, in preparation for if it breaks again in another three years time. Refferred to as a " Spacer Cap " by the repair man. They are available by post from here ... They are £2.99 each. The reference number shown is ... #02 ( 75013623 ). They also had the switch readily available which suggested to me that they might be fragile as well so I bought onf of those at £8.87 ref. no. #03 (SW660) NB. I have not used these parts so I cannot confirm that they actually fit. Having said that the replacement spacer cap is the same as the broken one so it is probably correct. I hope that this is helpful and it will help to prevent somebody else from being ripped off. Cheers !
Adam: Fantastic - I didn't bother gluing the button back: I get the feeling I'd only be doing it again at some point. Many thanks for the advice - glad to have my tv working again.
Lee: Many Thanks for this advice. Does exactly what it says on the tin! 20 minutes all done and I am far, far from being an expect. Take care and follow the instructions safely.
Richie: Thanks for all the info mate, saved me a lot of money and kept the kids and missus happy. Worked a treat.
Andrew: Thanks tv fixed, good clear instructions and photographs
Rachel: FanTAStic My internet friend found these instructions for me and I had no problems at all. If you'd not mentioned that illusive screw near the scart socket, I could have been stuck (I'm a girl). Fixing the switch was a doddle.
Owen Aubrey Gallant: When i press the on/off bottom on m Toshiba Bomba tv,it makes a clicking sound but doesn't switch on. HELP!!
Colin: bought a new switch (not needed) then found this helpful page. You are a star for this, particularly useful is the knowledge of the 17 screws to be removed. Thanks very much for your help.
Ron in Worthing: The Magic of professionals online thank you.I have had my TV about 4 years and like other people with the same problem,I found that the small plastic plate had broken into pieces and with the aid of a Araldite from my local store I added a mall piece of plastic to make it stronger..Job done ...many thanks for the information ..Note ..Lay the screws out on a clear space in the same pattern as they came out...
Stuart: An excellent work-round, thankyou.
Richard: I have just fixed the power button on my TV using your advice, for which I am extremely grateful. The clips on my square back-plate had just about disintegrated. As they could not be salvaged, I used a single Lego piece (the smallest square one), sawed the top off, and stuck it to the back-plate using araldite. I then lined one side with a slither of cork (from wine bottle) using superglue to ensure a snug fit, and popped it over the internal on/off button. I had to remove the outer on/off button but to do so only required a gentle squeeze at the sides. TV works fine now but for piece of mind I intend switching on/off at the mains.
Daniel: Thank you for your very helpful advice. My wife and I followed it tonight - we found that the plastic connecting plate was broken - we reconnected it to the switch with epoxy resin glue. The TV now works perfectly - believe me, if we can do this, any one can! Thanks again.
Andy: My Toshiba did this after five years...Googled the problem and found this site! My plastic plate broke in half. I then used a two pack epoxy glue left it for 24 hours and replaced it back inthe TV. I then followed Adrian's advice in post 5 and it works better than before. Great advice and money saving!
Richard: Thank you for this, I have decided to buy a replacement plate and use the TV remote to go to standby as I cant find the broken bit, good thing is it has saved me a trip to a repairer and several days without a television.
Michael Griggs: Many thanks for the information re Toshiba Regza power button. I could not belive how flimsey this button was. It had broken off inside, i managed to find the bits underneath the button base. I used a heat glue gun to put it together. Not very pretty but it does the job. And yes the screws holding the back on are different sizes. I would suggest placing the tv on a bright cloth and the various screws around the edge. The ones in the centre i used the phone video to remind me. I have never done anything lke this before. Thanks again Mike.

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