iTunes - converting from Music to Books

Published: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 12:02:07 GMT

So, you have ripped an audiobook from CD and imported it into iTunes, but it's showing up as an album in amongst your music - how do you move it into the books section?

The problem with having them amongst your music is that your iPod doesn't necessarily remember where in the track you were - this means that you end up listening to the first part of the file again if you take a break from the book.

Luckily, the solution is simple.

  1. Open iTunes and, in the music section, highlight all the files which make up your book.
  2. Right-click (ctrl-click on Mac) one of the highlighted files and choose 'Get Info'
  3. Choose 'Yes' when it asks if you want to get information for multiple items
  4. In the 'Info' tab, choose an appropriate genre - maybe 'Audiobook', or 'Nonfiction'
  5. Click the 'Options' tab and make these changes:
  1. Click 'OK' and wait for iTunes to process all the files Your book will now show up under the Books section of iTunes - Sync your iPod and everything should be as you want it.
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