Building a DIY Stenographic Keyboard - Part 2

In Part 1 I managed to build all the mechanical parts of the keyboard. Now it's time to start on the electronics.

All keys in place

The underside of the keyboard is looking quite tidy and the Teensy 2.0 fits in the space I left for it!

The underside of the keyboard

I found an excellent blog about how to wire switches as a matrix and use diodes to let NKRO work without ghosting.

So, time to work out how to fit everything in...

Wiring diagram

and then start bending diodes and soldering! Note: my soldering skills are not great, I haven't done any in years so these joints are ugly. Hopefully they will work.
Pre-bending diodes

All the diodes in place - like I said, ugly soldering!
Diodes in place

And then the wires, I stupidly touched the soldering iron to my 3d print a couple of times.
Wires in place

That is as far as I have got so far - to be continued in Part 3!

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